Terms of Service


If you are interested in commissioning me be sure to give me CLEAR and possibly SHORT information/descriptions. Reference pictures and medium sized texts are welcome. Whole novels or poems will not be accepted as references [besides situations when subject of commission is a specific text illustration or cover with connection to particular writings]. Please do not request art in style of other given artists. If you are interested in artwork within particular style of certain artist - just go and commission them. If you are commissioning me - you will receive my current style.

Required Information

  • PayPal address [for payment/invoice]
  • Character references [NSFW references are okay]
  • Type of commission from Commission Page
  • Important wishes and questions

 Please use proper English. It is your responsibility to pass me information in understandable form. I will not be responsible for mistakes made due to lack of proper language communication on client's side. Make sure your reference pictures are up to date and correct. I will not take responsibilities for sudden design changes at your end. I will be only working with materials provided before I start the artwork. Any desired changes to character design on picture that is already in progress must be discussed. Changes may cost extra depending on how complex they are.

 I am reserving rights to terminate order request at any time without given reason.


PayPal: I cover all possible PayPal fees and expenses. I do not accept incoming payments without prior invoice or consent, they will be returned. I handle payments via sending invoice myself. 


Please respect I have my own working hours and I won't be sharing my schedules. It is only natural that I will post personal artworks and other art during time when your ordered commission is in progress as well. It doesn't mean that I'm not working on it. I don't always complete commissions in the order their slots were claimed in. I'm working out of order. I usually work on whatever strikes my fancy first. WIPs are provided at sketch stage and line art stage. Revisions can be made at any time during progress, also per request. You are allowed to request up to 5 minor edits and changes during whole process. Further edits will be charged extra basing on complexity and time they took. Full resolution file of finished piece won't be delivered before extra payments are made. I'm not able to give precise time of turnaround. Turnaround itself depends on type of commission, complexity, size and every detail. I will not change initial idea if picture is in progress. This means I will not start from scratch with different scene, concept, character, mood, etc than we first agreed upon. If you are unsatisfied with final picture, please prepare list of desired changes and alternations you'd like to see made. They will be done free of charge if something was done improperly due to my mistake. Otherwise, changes will be charged basing on complexity and time they require. Alternation and edit charges are not included in initial price. They will be estimated when situation requires it.


I am willing to draw:

  • Animals in both anthro and natural forms.
  • Fantasy and mythological creatures both in anthro and feral forms.
  • Extreme violence and gore.
  • Humanoids.
  • Fantasy, spiritual, symbolic artworks.
  • Creature and character design.
  • NSFW/Mature Artistic Themes.


I will not draw:

  • Hate art.
  • Non-fictional religious themes.
  • Fanart without written permission of character owner.


I am open to doing NSFW work however I do have limits due to feeling uncomfortable. Please ask if you are unsure of anything! There may be some things I haven't added on here that I won't feel comfortable with.

I won't do: 

  • Vore in any form
  • Tickle
  • Feet fetishes
  • Size inflation/ fat fetishizing
  • Toilet fetish
  • Anything underage and things that could be mistook for that! All characters must be and look over 18 years of age.
  • Genital mutilation.
  • Bestiality/humanoid with feral animal NSFW content
  • Animal NSFW

If you are up for something unlisted, don't be afraid to ask. It's impossible to list every available theme/idea/detail.

Once again - I reserve the right to terminate order request with no explanation.

Please do not upload full-sized unwatermarked files to your public galleries without my permission. Uploading and sharing them openly without watermark or some form of protection can encourage theft in some form. If I find my art reuploaded in any form with no watermark of form of protection I will ask it to be taken down or I will file a DMCA report. This ONLY applies to the person(s) who bought said artwork. If you have not bought the license to reupload my artwork, have stolen, or taken without my permission I will file a DMCA report to have it taken down!


I do frequent streams of my working progress. However, ordering and paying for commission doesn't bind me to stream whole process of creation. I stream when I feel like it, it is not part of service I usually offer. If you are interested in your art being streamed or recorded from start to an end, feel free to ask and I will give you proper quote. 


Full refunds are only available if artwork wasn't started. After starting your order, I don't offer full refunds. Refund will be issued individually and partially according to completion progress. However please be responsible with your orders. If I will be forced to cancel your order due my fault [ex. extreme, unpredictable life situations] I will provide full refund regardless to stage of work unless discussed and requested otherwise. I will not do refunds once artwork is complete. If you are not satisfied with outcome or mistakes are made, please read paragraph with revisions.

Down payments are non-refundable after the Piece is started! Any attempts of disrespecting or insulting me will result in partial refund proportional to progress made, and instant farewell regardless of stage your commission is in. In case of completed artworks contact will be ceased without refunds.  


I keep rights to created artworks, unless discussed otherwise before initial quote was made. I do not claim any rights to characters and other intellectual properties that were not created by me and used in process of creation. I reserve rights to use created commissions for advertisement of my own business [commission examples, business cards, folios, banners] without visible credit to character owners. You are welcome to repost and share "upload"/"sharing" version with watermark of your commissioned work as long as you are not claiming to be original author of it. Feel free to use it as wallpapers, icons, banners and any other non-commercial forms! You are not allowed to sell any parts or whole artworks. You are not allowed to publish full resolution of image. 

By making payment you agree to these terms.


You are very welcome to use my Terms of Service for your own business if you feel it will improve communication and process with your clients [mentions would be appreciated!]. However, I will not be responsible for eventual problems caused by it at your end. Use at your own risk.