PSD Format and fully layered in organised folders ready to color.

I can onyl do NON-humanoid creatures.

Any art style form my normal commissions can be chosen , however price of the base price does not corespond with art style price accept for pixel bases. 

Hair Sets include mane tail on horses. Neck fluff and tail on canines and cats same for other creatures evne if they are not actually made of hair. 

Accesories can be anything from a set of clothing, jewlery and tack, to extra add on's such as wings, large scales etc. accesory slots can be used for extra hair sets as well.
Tack Sets are a head collar and or saddle with pad. 

Shading is included in all types. Please pick  weather you want cell shaded or fully shaded.

Level 1 Base


  • 1 full body Base
  • 1 hairset
  • 2 accessories
  • Simple shaped color pallet
  • Simple Gradient Back ground